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New Initiatives, September 2023

After a prolonged absence due to Covid and a process of reflection and consultation, the Conversations are back! We have two major initiatives underway, with funding support from the Victoria Foundation’s Spark Funds and the Saanich Legacy Foundation.

  • We are working to initiate a participatory futures process for this region, provisionally titled “Conversations on the Shared Future of Our Bioregion”
  • In October we hosted Joe Brewer from the Design School for Regenerating Earth for four days as part of a tour of the Cascadia bioregion, including meetings with a variety of local groups and organisations, and a public presentation and panel of key local actors, at UVic


We face two big challenges

1. We act as if we have several planets to sustain us when in reality we only have one. 

So we have to learn to live within the limits of the one small planet that is our only home, in a way that is socially, culturally and ecologically just.

2. We are not talking about our local and global crisis, or what it means for us, our children, our communities and future generations.

If we don’t learn, share and work together, we won’t understand the challenges or opportunities we face, and we won’t be able to imagine, shape and create a better future for all.

Through the Conversations for a One Planet Region we want to engage, educate and empower people across the Greater Victoria Region to discuss the challenges and strengths of becoming a One Planet Region. 

Our vision is that the Greater Victoria Region achieves social and ecological sustainability, with a high quality of life and a long life in good health for all its citizens, while reducing its ecological footprint to be equivalent to one planet’s worth of biocapacity.

Our Mission is very simple: to establish and maintain community-wide conversations on One Planet living and a One Planet Region.

COPR Land Appreciation & Inclusion Statements

Land Appreciation Statement

We would like to respect, acknowledge and appreciate the lands of the Lekwungen peoples represented by the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and the WSÁNEĆ peoples represented by the Tsartlip, Pauquachin, Tsawout, Tseycum and Malahat Nations. Our pledge is to honor responsibility to these lands which have been in their care for millennia and which provide us with sustenance where we all live, learn, work, create and breathe.

Inclusion Statement

We are deeply committed through action to highlight the rich diversity of peoples in our communities. We believe it is a collective responsibility to address discrimination in all its forms in order to create and sustain healthy, equitable and inclusive communities. 

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A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Supported initially by UVic, the CRD, the Robert Bateman Centre, the BC Sustainable Energy Association, the Victoria Foundation and individual donors.

We are grateful to the Greater Victoria Public Library for hosting our meetings since 2018

We are encouraged by the participation of the District of Saanich and a group of Community Integrators in One Planet Saanich, an international initiative organised by Bioregional, a UK-based consultancy and developer.