Deepening the Conversations


We are currently discussing the possibility of developing ‘Study-Action Circles’ as a way to engage people more directly in thinking about any of the many aspects of creating a One Planet Region and then taking action.

While the Conversations are important in raising awareness, we find that many people want to become more deeply engaged in the issue of a One Planet Region. We see six ways to do this:

– Provide ongoing in-depth education for the general public. 

– Help people imagine, co-design and thus create One Planet communities, neighbourhoods and municipalities through one planet community charettes.

– Explore and understand the social justice implications of the One Planet Region

– Educate and train groups of citizens – especially young people – so that they can become effective advocates for a One Planet Region with their local municipal governments (People for a One Planet Region). 

– Help people understand, cope with and manage the psychologically and spiritually stressful responses they may have to a fuller understanding of the seriousness of the threats we face.

– Identify the hope and opportunity to be found in the transition to a One Planet Region.

– Inspired by the concept of ‘folk-bildung‘ and the history of Folk-schools in creating population-wide cultural development in the Nordic countries in the 19th and 20th centuries (see ‘The Nordic Secret’ – ), we are exploring what that would look like here, in the 21st century; who knows, in time we might even develop a ‘One Planet’ Folk School!