Expanding and deepening the Conversation

We are working to raise awareness, establish the discussion and educate people about the concept of the One Planet Region.

We seek to engage community members across the municipalities throughout the GVR. To do this, we need to: 

  • Expand the Conversation  to engage a much wider range of participants, geographically, ethno-culturally and socially.

  • Deepen the Conversation  by:  
    • deepening the understanding of the One Planet approach (perhaps eventually through a summer school/ ‘folk high school’);
    • enabling people to co-imagine and co-design One Planet neighborhoods through community charettes;
    • exploring and understanding the social justice implications of the One Planet Region and how equity, diversity and inclusivity can be enhanced in the transition;
    • providing people with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective advocates for a One Planet Region with their local municipal governments (and beyond); 
    • creating safe and supportive spaces where people can explore the mental, social and spiritual dimensions of the changes we seek;
    • helping people identify the many potential benefits of becoming a One Planet Region and the hope and opportunity this provides in a climate crisis.