Fundraising and Donor Recognition


We are a small organisation, with no staff or premises at present, our work is largely done by volunteers, but we nonetheless have small operating costs for social media and the like.

So we are most appreciative to those who donate to support our work, especially because we are not a charitable organisation, and are unable to provide charitable receipts.

Donor Recognition

We are very grateful to those listed below who have supported us through cash or in-kind contributions, as we could not do this important work without you. Through this page we want to publicly acknowledge and thank you for your valuable contributions to creating a One Planet Region together!

We particularly want to recognise Glynne Evans, whose generous donation and subsequent challenge for matching donations enabled us to raise almost $4,000 in March 2021.

$1 – 99

  • Andrew Moore
  • Michael Tacon
  • Tony St-Pierre
  • Tom Hackney
  • Susan Haddon
  • Lorna Rennie
  • Pam Woodland
  • Jade Yehia
  • Pierre Iachetti
  • Julian West
  • Todd Litman

$100 – $499

  • Rob Wickson
  • David Hewlett
  • Anne Preyde
  • Jim Hesser
  • Peggy Wilmot
  • Vic Neufeld
  • Thomas Homer-Dixon
  • Shannon Turner
  • Anon
  • South Island Prosperity Partnership
  • Alyssa Vincent
  • Barrie Webster

$500-  $999

  • Terry Findlay

$1,000 +

  • Trevor Hancock
  • Glynne Evans
  • Anon