Who We Are

Our vision is that the Greater Victoria Region achieves social and ecological sustainability, with a high quality of life and a long life in good health for all its citizens, while reducing its ecological footprint to be equivalent to one planet’s worth of biocapacity.

Board Members

Meet our board members. It’s thanks to them that Conversations for a Planet Region is able to do the good work that it does.

Trevor Hancock

Trevor Hancock was the first leader of the Green Party of Canada and a family physician. Under his leadership, the party ran 60 candidates in the 1984 federal election. He is a public health physician, and currently serves as a professor and senior scholar at the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria. He obtained his degree in medicine at the University of London. He also consults with the World Health Organization. Together with Dr. Leonard Duhl, he created the Healthy Cities project that looks at environmental aspects of sustainable urban development as a determinant of health. In 2005, Hancock was also instrumental in initiating BC Healthy Communities – a provincial initiative focused on building capacity for healthy municipal governance.

Allen McLash

Allen is a member (retired) of the Law Society of BC.  After teaching high school chemistry and mathematics for 6 years, he practised law in Saskatchewan and BC.  With 30 years in practice, during which he specialized in the law of taxation, he retired from his position in the Ministry of Attorney General for BC.

Allen has served on a Citizens Advisory Board for the Salvation Army and the board of directors of a food bank and is a past vice-president of the Canadian Club of Victoria.

Clare Attwell

Clare grew up in South Africa, and moved to Canada as a young adult. She remains deeply influenced by her early years growing up in South Africa under Apartheid. She creates art ranging from large scale textile wall hangings to transparent, multi-tiered art installations, to everything in-between.  The themes she tackles typically evolve out of her work with community. She is especially interested in exploring what makes complex systems functional, and in particular, how they relate to organizations and social systems.

Jasmindra Jawanda

Jasmindra is an Urban Planner who is committed to “creating space for people and place” that lead to diverse, inclusive, socially just, sustainable, vibrant and resilient communities. With over 20 years of professional experience, Jasmindra has a varied career involving working in the areas of land use planning, community planning, social planning, cultural/edi planning, environmental planning, gender planning, youth development, and international development. She has worked with diverse and marginalized populations including racialized and Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, youth, women and peoples with diverse abilities.  She has a Masters degree in Community and Regional Planning and her thesis was conducted in the Ecuadorian Amazon region.