Expanding the Conversation

We are conscious that our Conversations have attracted what might be called ‘the usual suspects’ – older, white, educated, well-off, retired, and people living in more expensive homes and neighborhoods.

We know this is not equitable and we want to change that. So we have been exploring ways to expand the Conversation in social, ethno-cultural and geographical ways as well as engaging with younger, and more diverse people throughout the region.

We have learned through the Covid-19 experience that online Conversations can be effective, and for now we will continue with this platform. 

However we are still committed to having face-to-face and preferably local Conversations, in order to help build community connections and local activism. 

We are planning the following actions to address the challenges of expanding the Conversations:

  • Zoom-casting our sessions so that people can convene in their own homes and neighbourhoods to hear the presentation, participate in the discussion, and then have their own local conversations afterwards.

  • Establishing a community program of Kitchen Table Conversations  to encourage and support local discussions with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and community members.