Past Presentations


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2020 Presentations

Fall 2020 Program

Dave Thompson – Density, affordability and climate – 13 Feb

Victoria Barr – Using an equity lens in One Planet work: The case of energy – 12 March

Trevor Hancock – Bouncing forward to a One Planet Region – COPR, 16 April

Shannon Waters – Indigenous Sovereignty is Sustainability – 14 May

2019 Presentations

Jim McIsaac – Fisheries for a One Planet Region, 21 February

John Borrows – Living Indigenous Law in Canada, 21 March 2019

Eric Doherty – Tactical Placemaking as Climate Action, April

Steve Woolrich – Tactical Urbanism, April 18

William K. Carrol – The Challenge of Climate Justice – May 2019

Antonia Paquin – Intergenerational Activism – June 20

Rick Kool – Living On An Island – September 12

Diana Gibson – Social Justice in a One Planet Region – November

2018 Presentations

Jan Inglis – Government of the Commons, February 8th

Moore-Hallsworth – Eco Footprint, April 12th

Common Vision Common Action, May 17th

The role of Faith Communities in creating a One Planet Region, June 14th

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer – The Mass Psychology of Climate Change, September 13th

Todd Litman – Win-Win Solutions to Climate Risks, September 13th

Trevor Hancock – Doom & Gloom – The Growing Climate Crisis, September 13th

Imagining a Zero Waste Region – Notes, 11 October 2018

Richard Iredale – Sustainable Cities – 15 November 2018

Rathwell – BEESPOT Neighbourhoods, 15 November 2018

Adam Olsen – First Nations perspectives on the One Planet Region, 6 December 2018

IdeaFest presentations, March 11th 2017

Trevor Hancock – Ideafest Intro

Doherty – Transport for a One Planet Region

Lydon – Mapping and engagement

Clarke – Measurement Matters

Cronk and Moreno – One Planet Boundaries Report – A report on ways of mapping the GVR

2017 Presentations

Trevor Hanock – One Planet intro session, January 23rd

Jennie Moore – Measuring the Ecological Footprint, January 23rd

Tom Hackney, BCSEA – 100% RE Saanich Pathway, February 6th

One Planet Participant Conversation on Energy

Todd Litman – Transport and urban development, February 13th

Jeremy Caradonna – One Planet Food System, February 22nd

Food system – Notes from Discussion Groups

Trevor Hancock – Phase 2 – Some early ideas

Guy Dauncey – A New Economy for a One Planet Region, March 20th

Eric Doherty – 5 Year Transport Transformation, April 3rd

Richard Iredale – ReWilding, April 18th

Ian Wight – Making a place we can all call home, May 1st

Paivi Abernethy – Child Health and Planetary Health, May 15th

Dan O’Neill – Living within limits, June 12th

Trevor Hancock – Health and health care in a One Planet Region, June 26th

Trevor Hancock – Working together, September 14th

Cora Hallsworth – Ecological Footprint, OPL conversations, Septmeber 28th

Eric Doherty – GPI for One Planet Region, September 28th

Shannon Clarke – ROM Presentation, One Planet Region, September 28th

Trevor Hancock – Happy Planet Index, September 28th

Kiersten Brookes – Nature education at Strawberry Vale, October 19th

Chris Kennedy – Industrial Ecology, October 26th

Patrick Lucey – Engineered ecosystems, October 26th

Alicia Holman – Central Saanich Transportation, November 9th

Ed Pullman, Cycling Coalition, November 9th