Social Justice in the One Planet Region


The notion of social justice is inherent in our vision, which refers to “a high quality of life, and a long life in good health for all its citizens”. 

But in any large socio-cultural and economic transformation, there is the danger that current inequalities may be worsened and further inequalities created. New products and services may be expensive, at least initially, and inaccessible to some, job loss and job creation can be problematic, the effects of new taxes and regulations may be unfair and so on. 

Presently we are working with the Community Social Planning Council on a series of Conversations on social justice, as well as two research proposals – one with UVic – on the ‘just transition’ to a more sustainable One Planet Region.

We are also interested in working with faith communities as they begin to explore the concept of eco-justice in transformative times, these communities are key value-holders in society and can bring other ethical and spiritual dimensions to the Conversations.