People for a One Planet Region


Under development

We realise that some people will want to go further and become more active in their community to advance the cause of a One Planet community or Region. This will likely involve giving presentations to local organisations, municipal councils and others. 

So we want to educate and train groups of citizens – especially young people – so that they can become effective advocates for a One Planet Region with their local municipal governments. 

This will involve providing people with the knowledge, skills, materials and other back-up necessary to meet with municipal staff and politicians and appear at municipal council meetings in support of policies, programs, plans and proposals that move us towards being a One Planet Region – and oppose those that do not. 

As a first step, we are working with Will Weigler, an internationally known theatre director who specializes in collaborating with communities to co-create original performances, to adapt the work he has done to identify effective techniques to promote an “aha! moment” among audience members to show how these strategies can be applied to presentations to groups in meetings.