Local Seeds of a One Planet Region


The inspiration for this program is the international ‘Seeds of a Good Anthropocene’ project The project identifies and publicises “emerging innovative ideas, ways of living, and transformational projects”, the seeds that would lead to a good Anthropocene – “a more just, prosperous, and ecologically diverse world”. 

These seeds “can be social initiatives, new technologies, economic tools, or social-ecological projects, or organisations, movements or new ways of acting”, but that “are likely not widespread nor well-known”. However, they may grow to become important elements of the new and different future we need to create. 

We know there are many Seeds of a One Planet Region here in Victoria. Our plan is to create a simple, easy to use web-based platform that enables people in the Greater Victoria Region and southern Vancouver Island to both identify themselves or their project or organization as a Seed and to identify Seeds that may be helpful for them.

The Seeds must be local, not a federal or provincial program that provides funding, resources etc., but local people, organisations or businesses whose activities take us towards a One Planet Region.