Our Partners

We work with a number of key local organisations that are working on one or more aspect of the work of creating a One Planet Region, some of whom are listed here. We are open to working with any and all that share our goals.

Since 2012 Creatively United, under the inspiring leadership of Frances Litman, has been bringing together and showcasing local businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals committed to improving the quality of life in our community.

CU’s Mandate is to foster community connections and create collaborative educational opportunities that bring individuals and organizations together in support of achieving common sustainability goals to ensure our region remains beautiful, healthy, happy and resilient.

Under the auspices of Bioregional and with the support of the District of Saanich and One Earth, One Planet Saanich brings together municipalities, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups to implement Bioregional’ One Planet Living framework.

Earth Literacy explores the mysterious unity and relationships binding Earth and the totality of life under the conditions out of which Earth has emerged within a single, unfolding Universe. Earth Literacy is also a movement of people who understand that any viable future for our human species is entirely dependent on the viability of our threatened planet. It is a movement arising from a desire to work not only for Earth’s survival but for the transformation of all the limited beliefs, values, institutions and structures that promote domination, violence, destitution and powerlessness among people and the natural world. –Mariam MacGillis OP

The Community Social Planning Council provides reliable information and engagement processes that inform decision making across all sectors in order to support broad based social well-being. This is done by:

  • Bringing people together to address community issues
  • Conducting community-based research
  • Supporting community and regional planning processes.

The Community Social Planning Council is a values-driven organization. Underlying its work is a shared belief:

  • In the attainability of a healthy, sustainable, just, and vibrant community
  • That accurate and accessible information is a tool for positive social change
  • That marginalized voices need to be part of social planning processes
  • In the necessity of a broad-based process of reconciliation with Indigenous communities
  • That meaningful community engagement and respect for diversity and inclusion are critical components of a socially sustainable region
  • Social policy development needs to acknowledge the critical and increasing points of connection between climate change, energy policy, and infrastructure development.
  • Greater Victoria Acting Together

We represent over 70,000 people in 32 organisations across Victoria, including unions, multi-faith congregations, businesses, and environmental groups. We harness our power together for the common good. We strive to organize communities, build networks of positive power, and facilitate collaboration between organizations with similar goals. We have three Action Research Teams (ARTsP at GVAT. An affordable housing ART, a mental health and addictions ART, and a climate change ART.

The BC Sustainable Energy Association Victoria Chapter is dedicated to ensuring a renewable energy future. With an extensive member base across southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, we are a clear voice for progressive change in the region. The Victoria Chapter seeks to educate and advocate on issues related to energy use, the reduction of GHG emissions, and solutions for transitioning to a non fossil-fuel economy. 

Cities for Everyone is a community organization that supports more affordable housing and transportation in order to provide security, mobility and opportunity for people with all incomes and abilities. We use education and advocacy to overcome barriers to affordable urban infill and affordable transportation options. We empower people to support affordability in their communities.Eyone uses education and advocacy to overcome barriers to affordable urbfordable transportation options. We empower people to support affordability in their communities.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. We provide a variety of resources available free at this website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis.

A grassroots group of residents advocating for better public transit in Greater Victoria. We see improving public transit as an important way to advance social and climate justice, as well as making our region a healthier and more pleasant place.

  • CRFAIR – Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable

CRFAIR envisions a region where local, sustainable and healthy food is celebrated, abundant and central to the cultures, health and well-being of all residents. We work to mobilize and connect efforts to develop healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems in the Capital Region. We host events that connect and mobilize, including numerous roundtables and an annual conference called the Good Food Summit. Currently we are involved in projects surrounding food and farm sector capacity building, farmland and foodland advocacy, healthy school food, food literacy, and Indigenous food sovereignty.  We offer a range of services to community organizations, government, and industry. We are proud of the growing Good Food Network in this region.

  • The Greater Victoria Placemaking Network is a group of Greater Victoria residents dedicated to improving our region’s shared places Their Mission is “to inspire people, neighbourhoods and communities to create vibrant public places that promote health, happiness and well-being”. They focus on what happens in ‘the public realm’ in Greater Victoria – in our places, green spaces, on our streets and informal gathering areas. Placemaking is about bringing neighbours, businesses, specialists, visitors and others together to collaborate in creating great places