Conversations Videos

Conversations Videos

Social Justice in the One Planet Region by Diana Gibson, CEO, Community Social Planning Council, December 2019

Becoming a One Planet Region will mean a significant reduction in our ecological footprint, on the order of 70 percent. This will require a social transformation with important implications for disadvantaged groups. Will they experience benefits from lower energy use and a low-meat diet, or will there be costs from new and more expensive technologies and materials? What are the likely impacts on employment, especially when we also need to consider the impacts of AI and robotics. This is the first of several Conversations we are co-sponsoring with the Community Social Planning Council this season to explore these issues. 

Living Indigenous Law in Canada by John Borrows

John Borrows is the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law at the University of Victoria Law School in British Columbia. His publications include Recovering Canada: The Resurgence of Indigenous Law (2002), Canada’s Indigenous Constitution (2011), Freedom and Indigenous Constitutionalism (Donald Smiley Award for the best book in Canadian Political Science, 2016), and Law’s Indigenous Ethics (forthcoming). He is the 2017 Killam Prize winner in Social Sciences. John is Anishinaabe/Ojibway and a member of the Chippewa of the Nawash First Nation in Ontario, Canada. Borrows’ forthcoming book, Law’s Indigenous Ethics, examines how Indigenous law can shed light on Canadian law’s approach to treaties, Aboriginal title, legal education, and the continuing legacy of residential schools. The Anishinaabe legal lens for this event is organized around seven grandmother/grandfather teachings: love, truth, bravery, humility, wisdom, honesty and respect. Anishinaabe stories, language, theories and practices are blended with detailed analysis of Canadian case law, statutes, policies and constitutional practices to illustrate the possibilities and limits of the grandmother/grandfather teachings. 

Welcome to the Anthropocene by Dr. Trevor Hancock, Earth Day, 2019

Part of the Creating Resilient Green Built Neighbourhoods event hosted by Creatively United on Earth Day, 2019.